Brandon Valosek

Frontier Javascript Cowboy

I'm a software engineer currently living in Austin, Texas who's been passionate about writing code for more than half of my life.
I love building applications that people enjoy, shipping cool features, and writing awesome code.
I value solid engineering discipline and a pragmatic approach to building software—I want to make awesome ideas come to life in a robust and scalable way.
I favor smart investments in technology and stable solutions that let me quickly ship and iterate.
Over the last three and a half years, my professional and open-source focus has been in Javascript web application development.
I've been architecting fat-client single-page-apps, shipping server-side async sweetness with Node.js, and eating up all of the deliciousness that is the new ES6/ES2015 spec (and beyond).

When I'm not working on open-source or other nerdy projects, I enjoy writing and producing electronic music, goofing around with my dog Duckie, seeing awesome local shows, eating great food, and otherwise taking full advantage of the amazing Austin experience.

If you would like to collaborate on some open-source projects or music, or would like to discuss any professional opportunities you feel I may be interested in, or connect via any of my social networks: